Spellbound is out in stores now. Pick up your copy on Amazon. Here is a review from Publisher's Weekly.

Kwong, a stage magician and New York Times crossword puzzle maker, breaks down the art of illusion into seven principles that businesspeople can use to get ahead. His techniques include “minding the gap” between what audiences see and what they want to believe, “loading up” by researching and practicing before a show, and “conjuring an out” in case the grand finale goes off course and a backup plan is necessary. He explains that all seven of these tricks of the trade have real-life and historical applications. Without revealing major secrets of his craft, Kwong gives laypeople a taste of what lies behind the sleight of hand and misdirection wielded by magicians from Houdini to David Copperfield. He intersperses these examples with the illusions and manipulations employed by historical figures, such as F.D.R., and successful companies, such as Ikea. This enjoyable work from a confident master of his trade is a “virtual wand” for those who want a bit of magic in their lives.