Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Here's a quick magic video with the Rubik's Cube to start off your Valentine's Day.

Erno Rubik's invention of 43 years ago continues to inspire and taunt millions. In fact the Hungarian government has unveiled plans to build a Rubik’s Cube museum.

The world record holder for a human being is currently 4.73 seconds, achieved by Feliks Zembegs of Australia in Mebourne in 2016. Feliks beat Mats Valk of the Netherlands by .01 seconds! Check out the video:

But of course a robot can do it much faster. Chipmaker Infineon created a robot that holds the world record for a non-life-form. Here it is solving the cube in 0.637 seconds:

And here’s a way to spend 7.5 hours (if you know what you’re doing). A 17x17 solve:

The undisputed king of Rubik’s Cube magic is Steven Brundage who baffles every single magician including yours truly. Steven burst on the scene when he got out of a speeding ticket by cubing for the officers that pulled him over. Here he is fooling Penn and Teller. Honestly, no idea ...

But for my money, it doesn’t get more impressive than solving three Rubik’s Cubes while juggling them:

Until next time, happy solving!