Dear Prestidigitators and Puzzlers,

This is my inaugural blog post on all things in my crazy world of magic, puzzles, and games.

I thought I would kick things off with a post about “Deception,” a procedural that Chris Fedak, Greg Berlanti, Martin Gero, and I are creating for ABC. We’ve just received some exciting news that ABC has ordered the pilot and we will commence shooting in March.

How does a show like this come about? Well, from my perspective, it takes ten years. Ever since I moved to Hollywood, I've always wanted to do a “magician and the police” project. It’s such a rich universe and we haven’t seen it since Bill Bixby was “The Magician” from 1973-1974 (see above photo). But it takes the right recipe of people, and the moment Greg suggested a show called “Deception,” I knew he was on to something.

Greg and Martin had such great instincts for the shape of our lead magician. And it was a no-brainer to have Chris Fedak (“Chuck,” “Forever”) create the show (Chris co-showruns Greg’s “Legends of Tomorrow”). Chris has been absolutely masterful in creating the characters and penning an engaging and action-packed story.

Pitching the show last fall to the networks was one of the most intense and fun weeks of my career. Our team carefully scripted a pitch that worked in concert with a mentalism trick. A number of words Chris said in his story, the book Martin had on the table in front of him, the photograph Greg was holding, all primed the network executives for a surprise reveal at the end of the pitch. Magic in the boardroom!

Since then I’ve collaborated with Chris on creating magic for the show. We want the actors actually performing real sleight of hand and illusions. As much as we can do “in camera” magic the better. But the heavy lifting has been in designing action set pieces that revolve around the principles of illusion. Our goal is to get the home audience learning “how a magician thinks.”

We’re already in intense prep for the pilot now. With David Nutter (“Game of Thrones,” “The Flash” and “Arrow”) directing, we’re looking forward to a wild ride.  Casting is just underway … more updates as I have them!

Happy Solving!